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The main area of the practice entails three domains directly related to the taxation of enterprises and entrepreneurs:
– conducting disputes with the tax authorities from the moment of the commencement of control or proceedings through all the incidental and security procedures until the stage of the proceedings before the Supreme Administrative Court,
– restructuring enterprises and commercial companies, also in the area of mergers, acquisitions and divisions, taking full account of tax aspects which are part of these processes,
– tax optimisation of business processes related to your company’s on-going and strategic operations, including any cross-border transactions, also in the field of shareholder relations. Here, our services also entail the constant care of the on-going activities of your firm – be it day-to-day operations or asset management.

In their practice so far, our partners and associates have conducted over 3,000 proceedings related to all taxes which are in force in Poland. Each year, our Firm conducts about 200 court and administrative proceedings before Provincial Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.In addition, every year the Firm partakes in the restructuring processes of various companies, from family businesses to companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Disputes conducting

In principle, if you have purchased our tax optimisation services, you can benefit from our constant supervision of the business processes in your company. We can jointly work out the best development strategies for your business that will consider the optimal paths of economic processes tax-wise.

The team of tax and court proceedings was created in order to conduct all tax-based or customs-based disputes on behalf of our clients. Our long-standing experience allowed us to work out a successful course of action: each time we welcome a new client, a team of lawyers with the most experience in the substantive aspects of the case (tax type, nature of proceedings, etc.) is created. The team is always led by a tax advisor with significant experience in court and administrative proceedings, allowing us to conduct proceedings before tax and customs administration authorities in case of any court and administrative control related to pending proceedings. Through its employees, the Firm participates in all the procedural actions of pending proceedings and provides the so-called full representation in all these actions.

The main principle of the team’s work is that the client running the case and selecting the team members based on their always contacts his attorney, who is responsible for personal skills to ensure that the individual actions of the proceedings are executed at the highest professional level.
As part of all proceedings, you will be immediately given copies of all the documents related to your case that the Firm has received or submitted on your behalf. That will happen no later than within two business days.


The privatisation team is responsible for developing the ownership strategy of a company based on the objectives set by the client. As part of this area, we prepare a strategy connected with the target legal form of the client’s company, taking into account the individual objectives of the entity which is managing that company. After the target model of the company’s functioning has been accepted by the client, the Firm and the client start to develop a path which would lead to that target model, including the minimisation of public law liabilities.

As part of these procedures, we prepare the complete documentation related to a given process, providing you with consulting services in all the activities related to your case, including negotiations with third parties. As a result of these actions, your company, after the transformation process is completed, operates in the form which guarantees maximised economic effects with minimised formal and tax liabilities.
In this type of services, our Firm, acting on behalf of our clients, requests binding interpretations of law and conducts all the related proceedings, including those before administrative courts. This guarantees that the client’s risk associated with the on-going transformation process and the subsequent functioning within the target structure is kept at the minimum level.

In 2007, our Firm developed the taxation model for partnerships limited by shares which was approved in administrative judiciary by the resolution of the Supreme Administrative Court in 2012 (taxation of shareholders who are legal persons) and in 2013 (taxation of shareholders who are natural persons).

Tax optimisation

The tax optimisation team deals with activities related to the transaction or the operation of a given entity based on the so-called secure optimal tax path.

As part of its practice, our Firm has repeatedly represented its clients in disputes with the tax authorities. Our rich experience gained in this domain allows us to minimise the tax risk associated with your company’s business activities, and also to keep the tax liabilities at the minimum level but within the legal limits.
Within this particular area of activity, we provide services to companies from various sectors of the economy, including investment funds, but also companies from the energy or engineering industry. This allows our clients to capitalise on the experiences well beyond the scope of their own industry and to introduce new methods of business operation which can minimise public law liabilities in a safe manner.

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